Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a very short list of the most Frequently Asked Questions
1/ ..I just cannot decide if I want a Gas fire or an Electric fire ?
The answer to this question is straight forward enough, if you use the fire fairly often for heat, you will probably be much better off with a gas fire.  If it's mostly just for light show, a nice warm glow (and with very little occassional heat) an electric fire will suit you better. However a lot will also depend upon the surrounding installation requirements with a gas fire.
You will need to be sure that the existing fireplace meets todays legal requirements as well as the chimney and/or flue. 
2/ Marble or Limestone?
We have stopped selling Marble and Limestone fireplaces, why? We are finding less and less people asking about Marble or Stone fireplaces. Marble and Stone fireplaces have to be installed to a very rigid standard due to their weight. So they usually have to be destroyed (taken out with a hammer). Timber suites on the other hand are usually installed with screws, meaning they can be taken out whole so you can sell the old suite if your purchasing a new one, or if your moving home you can take it with you like the rest of your furniture.
3/..Do you sell plaster fireplaces ?
No and we will never sell them, its a product and material that we feel has had 'it's day', its also very fragile compared to timber, if I had young children in my home I would never have one.